Saturday, July 9, 2016

How to Get Build Backlink From Google Drive

Google is Free For All Internet User and a great part of Internet without Google Internet is Boring.How to Get Build Backlink From Google Drive is Simple
Step 1 :You Need G mail Account Lo-gin to your G mail account and if you not then Go to This
Step2 :Link you open your Gmail account beside the bar you show This and Click on Drive after this google Drive open

Friday, July 8, 2016

Dine in Restaurant Listing  Website design oman was launched in 2015 and is the first exclusive online restaurant advertising portal in the Sultanate of Oman.
Today’s diners are more discriminating than ever. They want to know everything about the restaurant where they’re going to spend their money – not just the food, but the layout, décor and ambience. They want to consider all available choices before making an informed decision about where to dine.
That's where can help.
Innovation is what distinguishes us. Our website provides extensive information on all listed restaurants and cafés, including address and contact details, colour photographs, full menus with prices, plus detailed directions and maps that can be printed out. Customers can search on both location and food category to find the perfect place to dine. is mobile friendly and the App can be easily downloaded through the Google Play Store.
There are plans to expand across the Sultanate, so that restaurants and customers throughout Oman can benefit from the valuable service it provides. 
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Saturday, July 25, 2015

FAAXY | website design qatar, oman, web company qatar

FAAXY | website design company in  Qatar, Oman, India , Australia the best web designs, Graphic designs and video editing with very best and affordable prices for all levels of business categories.

 FAAXY® | website design Qatar, Oman

FAAXY® | website design company in  Qatar, Oman, India , Australia the best web designs, Graphic designs and video editing with very best and affordable prices for all levels of business categories.

Introducing FAAXY ®easy Website builder from web design oman

Create your own website in few steps, without any programing knowledge.

FAAXY ® easy Website builder is the complete business website designs, they convince the simplicity of the online template editor with the flexibility of the design. no need for coding. With FAAXY ™ anyone can get with professional fully featured website online.

Unlimited Colour

Unlimited Email ID

Unlimited Pages

Unlimited Picture Gallery

Update 24*7 Anytime Anywhere

No coding needed

Easy fast beautiful

 Top grade hosting

Ready-to-use Dynamic stunning designs

Domain name and mailbox

Just insert the installation CD in your Computer to run the FAAXY ®easy Website builder.

1)      And build your own website using a friendly step by step wizard. To continue ,click next

2)      Please read the following license agreement carefully., and click next

3)      Here you can choose your domain name and you have the choice between. Com, .net, .org, .biz, .pro .me .info and .in.

4)      Here you have the opportunity to select from various dynamic website templates with attractive designs to get you started. These pre-filled templates have been created by professional web designers and enable the quick setup of your homepage. Now carefully choose from various themes .And customize them with your colour scheme and style in a few clicks later.

5)      Enter the serial key provided along with CD

6)      Your Name

7)      Email id

8)      Contact number

9)      Address and website descriptions

10)   The setup will take several minutes to complete domain registration, hosting and uploading.

Your Website will be online within 24 hours. Please wait….

The framework of your website is now ready. Feel the presence of your website in the net after 24 hour ….

Go to your website and   login with the administrator username and password provided along with the FAAXY ™  easy website builder  cd

In the background section you will find the additional options which allows you to insert background pictures or delete

Adjust Font and background colours of your choice…without using complex software

The Website is automatically update in real time .you can test your website whenever you want

Once you finish the colour or background you can add your company logo to the header .with slogan next to it. 

Enjoy the freedom of unlimited dynamic pages or subpages

Adding or deleting a new page in FAAXY ™  website Builder is a matter of one click. Give your page title, and take care of adding the right text and pictures. website Builder will insert the page in the right place and include an extra button in your menu.

Click and add your own picture and captions to personalise your front banner update or delete easy and fast

– all you have to do is add the content of your like . Implementing your text and pictures is as easy as editing a Word document: just click and type. In just a few minutes, you can update your website; fill it with content,

 So, all you need to update your own site or to change  is a computer with an Internet connection at any time and from anywhere. With no special programming or designs experience required. 

Gallery section

Show up to date your gallery with uploading your own pictures. Select the pictures you want to add, put them in the right order and upload them. You can even add the description to each picture.

Contact form

Add your own email id to receive the contact form messages

Edit Your Website 24/7 - All our websites allow you to update your content from any device. Take control of your website.


Your e-mail is always available via the Internet, on any computer.

Login with your Email id and password and read email using with Horde ……Round cube and Squirrel Mail

In this section you will find the additional options which will allows you to configuration tools such as

Change Password , Email Forwarding , Auto  Responders , Configure Mail Client , Email Filtering , Email Trace further more …by selecting an option you can use great range of configuration tools.

Your e-mail uses the advanced IMAP protocol.

This means that all the e-mails are stored on our servers and that you can check them whenever you want, wherever you are, even if you already read them earlier on one of your devices.

Antivirus and anti-spam filter


Google map

Search engine optimization and much more

FAAXY ™  easy website builder will helps you along the way, by all this impressive website features with live support.

Find more about the product visit
website design Qatar +974 55605485
website design Oman +968 95251325
India +91 8086 0000 98